June 4, 2020

GoldBuyerOK is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.! This is the place to go for fair and honest transactions. As a first-time seller, my experience with selling some small pieces of gold and silver was a smashing success. I was fortunate to find this company first and not have to drive around town and get quotes from pawn stores.

GoldBuyerOK was very professional, provided a secure and safe atmosphere that was easy to find and had a large clean parking lot. I was greeted with superb customer service from the entire staff who also followed the currently issued COVID-19 guidelines. I felt very comfortable in their office. Immediately evident was their commitment to quality services with integrity and respect for their customer.

Each item was evaluated in front of me quickly and thoroughly, explaining the process and giving careful attention in order to give me the best quote possible. In my opinion, this company is a GEM–it was a wonderful way to sell items privately in an atmosphere of old-fashioned ethics and customer service that is not so common these days. I did not know what to expect and was thrilled with the amount that my ordinary items were worth.

My transaction was finished in about 30 minutes. They definitely delivered in all areas. Their website is quite comprehensive and user-friendly and includes a LiveChat feature, outlining the exact type of items they purchase as well as being quite educational. No question about it– I will be coming back whenever I have other items to sell.