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I took my jewelry to 3 places in OKC to get a quote and Gold Buyer OK gave me the highest price. They were easy to deal with because the price they advertised on the website is what they actually pay. The staff was also polite and friendly. I won’t ever go anywhere else with my old jewelry.

Alyssa Lawver September 30, 2014


After a lot of web searches and phone calls to find the best gold buyer, I chose GoldbuyerOK.  Their website has a gold calculator that tells you exactly what they will pay you in cash.  (Most other places I called would not give me any idea of what they would pay.) Their location is very secure and I was taken into a private office where my jewelry was tested and they even had an xray machine for testing.  All done right in front of me with no damage to my jewelry.  The staff was friendly and informative and I was paid more than I expected,in cash.  I was also paid for the diamonds included in my jewelry.  I rate this experience at the absolute highest.  I will never go anywhere else to sell my gold, silver or platinum!  Thank you for a wonderful and easy experience, this was my first time selling jewelry and you made it so easy.  I will be back!

Mel Ashcraft September 30, 2014

Gold Buyer OK GETS FIVE STARS IN MY BOOK!!! After shopping around and going several different place around town. Gold Buyer OK gave me top dollar and their team was very fast, efficient, and friendly.

Sarah February 3, 2016

I shopped around a few stores making Gold Buyer OK my last stop. They gave me the most for what my jewelry was worth compared to all of the other places that I shopped. I felt very comfortable at Gold Buyer OK because I was able to see my jewelry during my entire visit, never taken behind closed doors. I would recommend Gold Buyer OK to get the most for your jewelry.

Alex H October 14, 2016

Love your store!

Todd Taylor January 16, 2016

I was overwhelmed when we lost a loved one at having to go through everything not know what I was doing. The staff at this store were rock stars they helped me weed through a crazy amount of stuff, showed me how to tell the real from the costume and even gave me segestions on where to sell the items that were not real . I felt extremely comfortable and confit that I was getting the best deal possible trust me I did my homework shopping around. I will definitely be coming back to see you all if I ever have anything more to sell.

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality.

Steve February 19, 2016

Reputable, hard working, and thorough.

State of the art technology employed, too.

Great staff.

Easy to find location.

Paul Paris October 14, 2016


This guys paid us top dollar. We went to three other locations here in the area and none were as nice or as willing to work with us like Gold Buyer OK was. Thanks for all the help! We would refer any friends or family!!!


- Guest67413 Superpages.com July 8, 2014


I went in to gold buyer OK Thinking I knew something and sure what I had was the best quality gold, after having been to a few jewelers that couldn’t help me. Wade Hickey and the fabulous gold testing machine showed me that not only had I been duped but also gave me the formula for cost and pricing of my gold. Honestly! Who gives you their formulas for pricing and shows you how to work them along with a 90% purchase price based on the purity of the gold, and that darn machine is really accurate and pretty cool. Thanks Wade Ill be back to see you!!!

Stephen Marron In Store Visitor September 22, 2014


You can’t beat the courtesy and friendliness of the staff – a pleasurable experience.

- Kelly Cunningham July 8, 2014


Wow is all I can say , I was worn out from driving all over the city getting low ball and wasting gas, this company is very professional they test your stuff right in front of you and explain how they got your price so that you understand exactly what it’s worth. I got way more money with them than anyone else was even offering I should have just went to them to start and I could have enjoyed my day with all the cash they gave me. I will definitely be doing bussiness with them in the future I suggest you do your self a favor and do the same Great people!!!

Tom Beard In Store Client September 30, 2014

I\’m an antique dealer. I buy and sell a lot of vintage and antique jewelry. With this business comes lots of broken and scrap jewelry. Before, I took it to a buyer that did it the old way with the acids. Which is very time consuming. A friend of mine recommended Cash for Gold. Its fast, he weighs the gold in front of you and explains the whole process. I can\’t say enough good things about this place! Thank you Wade! I will be back!

Lori Brown February 22, 2016

Loved doing business with this company. I’ve gone to other places in the past and I now regret that. I will never go anywhere else.

Marcia Thomas September 13, 2016


I can’t say enough how helpful they were! They have a very comfortable office they explain every thing they are doing and test your stuff right in front of you I had sold gold to another company prior to visiting GoldBuyerOK and after seeing what they paid me I regretted selling elsewhere. From my experience they pay more than anyone else … So save your time and gas there is no need to go to anyone else but GoldBuyerOK I loved doing business with them and can’t wait to see what else I can find to sell. Just wanted to tell them Thanks again for all they do!”

- Guest73456 Superpages.com July 8, 2014

I was cleaning out old & broken jewelry & was going to throw it away when a friend told me to go to Goldbuyer OK first to see if it was worth anything. I could not believe how much I got paid for jewelry I was going to just put in the trash! They were so friendly & I learned so much from them. They explained each step of the process. I have been telling all my friends since then to take all their jewelry to Goldbuyer OK to sell!

Beth January 19, 2016


I give these folks five stars. I had shopped and looked at many websites after I had the responsibility of liquidating my parents Estate. They went through a rather large collection of jewelry and coins and also diamonds and made it all very easy and paid the most by a significant margin.  Thank you all.


Melinda Waldron September 30, 2014

I took some broken and old jewelry in and thought I might get a few dollars out of the deal. Little did I know that a lot of what I had was 14k and walked out with $614! I won’t wait to sell my old broken next time! What a pleasant experience. Thanks, Wade!

Wendy Hall June 28, 2017


What sets this service apart, in addition to their commitment to excellence and accuracy, is the easy way in which I was able to sell my gold and precious metals.

- James Thornton July 7, 2014

I have worked with Wade and Taylor on multiple occasions. I usually get 2-3 offers before selling anything, but now I don’t even waste my time. Not only do they give me the best customer service, but they educate me on why they offer me what they offer depending on what the market is doing that day. They have even gone as far as telling me to hold off on selling a few pieces so I could potentially get a better price just by waiting a few weeks. I listened and pocketed an extra $175 on a piece. I can’t say many other places would do that. I won’t ever sell to any other buyer. Thanks you guys!

Jenna King November 4, 2016


The Knowledgeable and Friendly staff gave me the best deal on the items I sold. I have shopped around and only wish that I had found them sooner. Taylor Beard assisted me with all my questions, and I totally trusted her honesty! Thank you for your help! I highly recommend them for your needs.

Rhonda Rowe October 5, 2014