The Gold And Silver Krugerrand Coins

The Gold And Silver Krugerrand Coins

The Gold Krugerrand has the title of the world’s first modern gold bullion and is still very popular in the trading business across the globe. The coin is one of the most coveted investment coins, and because it has been so successful, it is now being offered in silver.

To celebrate the 50t anniversary of the gold coin, the South African Mint has struck the first premium 1oz. Silver Krugerrand.

Back on July 3, 1967, the South African Mint issued the first Gold Krugerrand coins to help advertise South African gold, which at the time, made up 70% of the world’s total production of gold. By 1980, the coin was thoroughly beating out any competition of the global coin market with 90% of the sales.

Where did the name Krugerrand come from? The name was derived from statesmen Paul Kruger, a four-term president of the South African Republic. The “rand” comes from the South African unit of currency.

In 2017, more gold Krugerrands have been minted and than all other gold bullion combined. Because of its popularity, it has become an excellent way to track the price of gold. This has made its new silver counterpart highly anticipated by collectors all over.

ModernCoinMart debuted the Silver Krugerrand at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in January. It was the first time the coin was seen in person in North America. The coin is now offered online for purchase.

The Silver Krugerrand has the same classic design as the gold coin. The coin bears the face of Paul Kruger and the Springbok antelope, one of the national symbols of South Africa, along with a special 50th-anniversary Mint mark.

“ModernCoinMart and are excited to offer the first-ever 2017 Silver Krugerrand as the exclusive North American distributors for this coin,” says Steve Wolff, VP of Product Development of ModernCoinMart. “The worldwide popularity Gold Krugerrand has made the silver version a great collector item. Proof and bullion versions of the Silver Krugerrand will also be released at a later date.”

This coin is historic. If you are remotely interested, check it out. There will be a limited quantity of these being circulated, and it is important to act fast if it is something you want to invest in.

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