Buyer’s Beware: Buy a Real Watch

How many times do you check your watch every day? Many people do not carry watches today as they have phones and tablets always buzzing at them giving the time. If you do wear watches, make sure you have an authentic watch. Buying a fake watch will bring many problems to you. Although the watch [...]

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The Gold And Silver Krugerrand Coins

The Gold Krugerrand has the title of the world’s first modern gold bullion and is still very popular in the trading business across the globe. The coin is one of the most coveted investment coins, and because it has been so successful, it is now being offered in silver. To celebrate the 50t anniversary of [...]

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A History of Hoop Earrings

A History of Hoop Earrings   Everything has a history, a story, a place where they came from, and learning that can make any accessory you own that much more interesting. Whenever someone puts on a great accessory to complete their outfit, they might not stop and think about where that piece of jewelry came [...]

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A Man’s Guide to Wearing Jewelry

  There’s a certain power of jewelry–for better or worse it sends signals about who we are, what goals we have made, and our status amongst others.      The purpose of this article is to help you understand some rules to wearing jewelry so you can better control the signals you send.  Let’s be [...]

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Berlin Coin Stolen

Can you imagine a coin so big that you could never flip it or even slip it into a vending machine? Apparently a coin this big was stolen from a Berlin Museum. The 221-pound Canadian piece, coined the Big Maple Leaf, was taken overnight last Monday. The coin is roughly 21 inches in diameter [...]

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Platinum vs. Silver…Which is which?

To the untrained eye, two of the most popular precious metals – platinum and silver – can appear to be the same. At first glance, they’re both shiny, metallic, and have a gray hue. But the commonalities between platinum and silver stop there, as a jeweler can differentiate easily. After reading this, you'll be more [...]

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Platinum Sterling

Platinum Sterling And Its Benefits Have you noticed that in the last few years,  when visiting jewelry stores, platinum sterling and platinum-plated sterling are always in high demand?. Recently, they have become top choices for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry where beauty and durability are required. How did platinum and sterling join [...]

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The King Of Pop And His Gun

Today might be your lucky day. Elvis Presley had a gold and silver revolver that is up for sale. This is making news because it has always been hard to get your hands on any of his memorabilia.   The King’s gold and silver Smith & Wesson .357 revolver will be sold to the highest bidder [...]

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A Golden Smile

It is important to keep your keep your teeth crystal clean. Sometimes when you have dental work done, dentists put in different fillers into your teeth to help fix the problem. These fillers are made of many types of metals or even porcelain and help keep your teeth healthy. Did you know that some people [...]

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Protecting and Storing Your Precious Metals

After buying precious metals, customers are faced with the question of how to store and protect their new investments. Finding the proper storage for your gold or silver should be a crucial decision given the value of your items. Fortunately, it does not have to be a complicated one. Customers have many options when [...]

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Know Your Karat: How to Tell What Karat Your Gold Is

With so much gold circulating the globe, it’s not a bad idea to make sure you are confident in the karat amount you have. As a buyer or seller, get in the habit of checking the quality of your gold, so you are not taken advantage of. Here are some ways to do so. The [...]

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Always Check Your Couch Cushions

Have you ever scavenged for lost change in between your grandparent's couch cushions? It is one of those places that coins roll down into and sits until fingers small enough discover them. What if there was a whole suitcase filled with gold and silver coins hiding behind the sofa? An elderly British woman had an [...]

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A Proper Copper Cup

Moscow Mule fans insist that there is only one way to enjoy the delicious, famous beverage properly. The original Moscow Mule, the Smirnoff Mule, was introduced in America during the 1940s and 1950s. The drink gained popularity during the 1960s and is again emerging as a popular drink among the younger crowd. What makes this [...]

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The California Gold Rush: Opportunities For All

Everyone knows about the infamous The California Gold Rush. It all started in 1848 when a farmer discovered a gold nugget. This led to hundreds of thousands of people trekking to California with high hopes of digging up their fortune.   Did you know that many people made a fortune without looking for gold during [...]

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Golden January

This week gold prices rose, and the stock market declined.   This week the President-elect, Donald Trump, announced that the greenback was “too strong” and investors across the world quickly poured money into gold.   With 2017 being a year of significant change in the political realm, it should be clear why the price of [...]

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Prince Loved Gold, Not Just Purple

2016 was a crazy year. Many celebrities and musicians left us. One of the more iconic ones was Prince, the purple-loving musician who’s personality lit up wherever he went, similar to how his famous purple guitar gleamed in the lights during his concerts.   But what did Prince love more, or just as much, as [...]

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Who Buys Gold?

The month of December brings many things. Winter weather, hot chocolate, cold hands, family time, and maybe even lots of gold jewelry.   During the holiday season, it is important to show people that they matter. The best gifts are the ones that touch the recipient the most. They say money can’t buy happiness, but [...]

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15 Amazing Facts About Diamonds

How much do you know about diamonds? They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, right? With the holiday season in full swing, this is the perfect time to learn more about the dazzling gemstones that we call diamonds. Here are fifteen facts about the origin and history of diamonds: The ancient Romans and Greeks [...]

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This Week in Gold

Gold prices fell nearly 5% since election day last week, before recovering by around 1% over the past couple of days. In the stock market, gold futures are the highest they have been in almost a month as the U.S. dollar dropped. Since Gold is considered a safe-haven asset for an investor, investments on gold [...]

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Gold Christmas Tree

There are always options for your household's Christmas tree. Do you go with the natural tree and wrestle with it as you tie it to your car? Or do you bring the artificial one down from the attic every weekend after Thanksgiving? Most households have a tradition that they have followed for many years. If [...]

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Precious Metals: The Group That Really W0n When Trump Was Elected

Donald Trump has been extremely vocal about his new 10-year infrastructure plan. This would send inflation up, thus helping the current state of gold, a financial fund manager said yesterday. Even in his victory speech, President-elect reminded the million of viewers and listeners that he plans to groundbreaking a one trillion dollar spending plan that [...]

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A,U Stole My Gold

Gold and greed are two words that often times are talked about in similar situations. When you think of gold, what words come to mind? Gold is described with words such as valuable, rare, expensive, or classy. Throughout the world, it’s seen as a precious metal...both literally and figuratively. What happens when people want it [...]

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Invest in Your Future With Gold

Voltaire (1694-1778) famously said, “paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value -- zero.” Does the famous thinker have a point? Experts all over speculate  the potential death of modern currency, so there has never been a more crucial  time for you to hold onto the one resource that has existed for thousands and thousands [...]

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Digging For Gold: There Are More Ways Than One

Although it is impossible to know exactly when humans first started mining gold, we know that it has been around at least 7000 years ago.   That makes sense. Gold, being the most popular precious metal, is highly coveted for jewelry, currency, and many things in between to people all across the globe.   During [...]

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This Week in Gold

This Week in Gold   Precious metals futures changed little Friday, but they fell for the week. Gold logged a sixth straight loss, settling at a four-month low, and scored its worst week in over three years.   Last Friday gold scheduled for delivery in December dropped $1.10 or less than 0.1%  to settle at [...]

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Welcome to The World’s Most Secure Vault

    If you ask someone what Fort Knox is, they’ll probably tell you it is where American keeps most of its gold locked up. Past that, most information is kept behind lock and key. Here is more information on where according to the U.S. Mint, where $261.6 billion dollars worth of gold is stored. [...]

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Swiss Sends U.S. Gold

Normally the United States exports more gold than Switzerland. This summer has proved to be different. In May alone, the Swiss sent 20.7 tons of gold across the pond to America. (Can you imagine the security on that boat!) Just two months later, the Swiss sent 23.8 tons of gold over to America. This amount [...]

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Golden Art at The Guggenheim

People have always been obsessed with gold and often times go to great lengths to create extravagant gold pieces, from jewelry to clothing, and even art. Last Friday however, the Guggenheim Museum went to new heights with installing its first gold toilet, while made of solid 18 carat gold, is fully functional and can be [...]

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Covering the Gold

If someone told you the gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, underway right now, weren’t gold, would you believe them?   “Gold medals are made out of sweat, blood and tears and effort in the gym every day,” said Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.   Gabby is half correct.   The medals given [...]

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This week in precious metals

Headlines from April 25-April 30: Shoar antimony project to include precious metals recovery (Zawya) The promoters of a major antimony roaster plant currently under development at Sohar Freezone have announced plans for the incorporation of a precious metals recovery process that will allow for the production of gold and silver from feedstock, in addition to [...]

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Unexpected Gold Around the House

Gold prices have been increasing by more than 70 percent in the last three years, and consumer demand for gold jewelry has increased by 13 percent, while the demand for golden bars and coins spiked 26 percent. With these different events forecasting a good market to sell gold in, it  leaves the question of what [...]

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Einstein was right, proven by precious metals

After a century, scientists have finally proven one of Einstein’s theories, thanks to gold and platinum. In November 1915, Einstein presented his general theory of relativity, known as the spacetime continuum, which introduced a new understanding of one of the main forces in nature known as gravity. The European Space Agency (ESA) announced the detection [...]

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