Voltaire (1694-1778) famously said, “paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.” Does the famous thinker have a point?

Experts all over speculate  the potential death of modern currency, so there has never been a more crucial  time for you to hold onto the one resource that has existed for thousands and thousands of years–gold.

In other words, investing in gold and other precious metals is  the best way to protect yourself from a  potential currency debacle.  Many financial analysts believe that it is the most sensible option, with bullion prices expecting to rise over time.

The more talk that tradition currency is heading out the door, the more valuable gold will become.

Another key reason to buying gold is due to the fact that it is  universal money, a tangible store of value and wealth protection. While a Euro won’t get you far in America, no will turn down gold, regardless of where you are in the world.

During a crisis, gold bullions tend to increase in value. During turmoil, , countries lose a lot of money but having a  gold supply will give them something  to fall back on. The same is true for someone of the general public for their personal assets.

Remember, gold is not created by governments, nor is its dependent upon governments. All of today’s government issue paper currencies (dollars, euros, yen, pesos.) Currencies have no tangible value and are backed by government decree, mostly legal tender laws. In the past, governments have issued too much paper currency and over time, paper currencies’ value decrease,  until they are ultimately worthless. The average lifespan of a currency is 27 years, while gold is eternal.. Don’t believe it? The same gold discovered hundreds of years ago is still in rotation.

Anyone can buy gold. If you have the money, you can make the purchase. You can also invest in gold privately and anonymously if that is something you are interested in. Buying gold can be done online or in person, making it an easy process for anyone.

Gold is extremely easy to move, able to liquidate quickly, and easy to store in one’s home.

Whether it is politics or  market demand, governments around the world have always bought  large amounts of gold. Gold experts speculate this will only grow in the future.

Returning to a currency system centered around gold could cause the value of gold bullion to spike considerably in years ahead.

“Buy low, sell high.” That is what they say when it comes to the stock market. The same saying can be used when it comes to gold. With the market at record lows, now is a great time to purchase gold and invest in your future.