How many times do you check your watch every day? Many people do not carry watches today as they have phones and tablets always buzzing at them giving the time. If you do wear watches, make sure you have an authentic watch.

Buying a fake watch will bring many problems to you. Although the watch will most likely be cheaper, you will face reliability issues, and if you need to get it fixed, probably an authorized dealer will not be able to repair the watch.

Before I start, I want to add that some people go into a purchase wanting to buy a fake watch to stay cheap. As long as they are aware, that is okay. They know they are buying a fake watch; they have no intention of buying the real thing.

Buying a genuine watch is a matter of doing the homework. Whether you do the research yourself or borrow the knowledge from other collectors or sources, it will prevent you from making many mistakes. From the rather simple mistakes to those that remain unexposed if you didn’t take that extra mile. This rule does not only apply to internet sales, but also to pre-owned and vintage watches sold by traditional jewelry shops and auctions (yes people, counterfeits even show up there once in a while).

There is a difference between counterfeit and “Frankenwatches” watches. A counterfeit watch is a complete fake. Nothing is genuine about the watch. Some makers of counterfeit watches are quite good these days, which means they make them out of decent stainless steel, get most of the little details correct, and perhaps even provide a fake box and false papers. Be very careful about those. One thing will give it away before anything else. The price. It is probably too good to be true. There will be some other things as well, mainly in the details of the watch. So either make sure you can verify whether there is valid movement inside or study all the details to be sure. Ideally, you would bring a similar watch with you that you know to be genuine.

A Frankenwatch is a watch that consists of (mainly) original and genuine parts, but they are either not period-accurate or did not originally come with that specific timepiece. This, or another mix of ingredients, can make it hard to determine whether a watch is genuine or not.

Common sense and education are crucial when it comes to purchasing a watch from any channel other than an authorized dealer or brand boutique. There are many books out that will inform you on this subject, numerous watch blogs, online forums, and trusted jewelers who will give you straightforward answers. Absorb as much information as you can and do not forget to ask for a second opinion when you are in doubt. Asking someone else will not offend the jeweler. They should respect your decision.