Today might be your lucky day. Elvis Presley had a gold and silver revolver that is up for sale. This is making news because it has always been hard to get your hands on any of his memorabilia.


The King’s gold and silver Smith & Wesson .357 revolver will be sold to the highest bidder by the auction company, Rock Island in May.


Five years ago, an appraisal company valued the pistol at $275,000. Given the fact of its famous owner and personal engraving, a price similar to that should be expected. To an Elvis superfan, it might just be worth it.


Elvis purchased the gun in 1970 from Kerr’s Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills. The gun has distinct leaf and scroll engraving while being bordered by inlaid gold and silver. The handle is made of beautiful carved ivory.


In different places around the pistol there are animal images etched in the gold. There is a bobcat, a moose, a mountain lion, a puma, along with a deer and an antelope. German artist Frederick Willhelm Heym did these illustrations.


An interesting story regarding the gun is that in the same year Elvis bought it, he gave it to then Vice-President Spiro Agnew as a gift. This makes the gun even more valuable. However, Vice-President Agnew later returned the pistol while under investigation for illegal activity.


Elvis was known for his flashy style and also his helpful ways. He often gave pieces of his wardrobe away when he was tired of it. His personal driver even received a watch that is also up for auction.


Not everyone is into Elvis Presley, but if you call yourself a fan, this might be something you could look into. If the steep price is too high for you, maybe you could find a way to befriend the new gun owner.