Platinum Sterling And Its Benefits

Have you noticed that in the last few years,  when visiting jewelry stores, platinum sterling and platinum-plated sterling are always in high demand?. Recently, they have become top choices for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry where beauty and durability are required.

How did platinum and sterling join forces to create such a popular choice? Let’s learn more.

A brief history of the platinum alloyed sterling

Just over ten years ago, American Bullion Inc. of Carson, California, registered a trademark for a new kind of alloy, Platinum Sterling. Their goal was to create an alloy for jewelry that would be beautiful but also resistant to tarnishing – basically, a silver-colored alternative to gold jewelry.

Major success came with this development. The product was pretty and much more tarnish-resistant than sterling silver alloys. Many jewelers also noticed that while the alloy was similar to both white gold and sterling silver, it was much harder and heavier.

Beyond The Alloy: Platinum-Plated Silver Jewelry

Also in the last decade, a growing number of jewelry manufacturers have expanded their manufacturing of platinum-plated silver jewelry, especially engagement rings and earrings because of how durable they are while still maintaining a nice look. Another positive is the price tag. You will quickly see that many high-end jewelry companies are making platinum-plated silver items.

More specifically, platinum-plated silver watches are becoming popular. Appearance wise, they look almost the same as real platinum watches but do not cost nearly as much.

Gain Profit From Platinum and Silver

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