Moscow Mule fans insist that there is only one way to enjoy the delicious, famous beverage properly. The original Moscow Mule, the Smirnoff Mule, was introduced in America during the 1940s and 1950s. The drink gained popularity during the 1960s and is again emerging as a popular drink among the younger crowd.

What makes this drink so popular and unique has nothing to do with its ingredients. Since the invention, it has been served in a copper cup. While many party-goers across the nation will settle with regular glasses or even plastic cups, they don’t realize what they are missing out on until they try one in the tradition copper cup.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about copper mugs, from the benefits of using one to the ease of care involved in owning your very own set.

Copper Mugs Are Safe

Some of asked if drinking from copper is safe for your health. The fact of the matter is that copper has zero risks. Copper is naturally in your body anyways and is necessary for some of the enzymes present in one’s body. It has been reported that many ancient civilizations thought copper brought good health, thus stored liquids in copper containers to ingest some copper as they drank their drink.

The copper lining helps not only with the taste and aroma of your beverage but also will keep the temperature of your drink colder or warmer for longer periods of times.

Buy The Right Size

While enjoying a Moscow Mule in a copper cup, it is key to make sure you pick the right size. Finding the proper balance between its ingredients is essential for a successful drink. Overfilling your copper mug might create a more exciting night than you thought you were going to have.

Cleaning Copper

Even though copper mugs are considered a specialty, this does not mean it is hard to clean them. Taking 30 seconds after using them will greatly extend their lifespan in your kitchen. With warm water and a little soap, your set of mugs will be perfect. Be sure to dry after cleaning them. What happens if you find your mug under the coach after a copper cup “rager” you had weeks ago? Do not worry. Using a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar (salt works too) and a toothbrush or a washcloth to wipe off any tarnishes.

Rinse and repeat until shiny.

Where To Buy Copper Mugs?

Walking into your local Target or Walmart probably will not be where you find your set of copper mugs. Before the Moscow Mule became more popular in recent years, the cups were hard to come by. There are now many online stores that offer them in sets of two all the way up to buying them in bulk. Whether you are having a dinner party or a 4th of July party, your house guests will be impressed with your proper copper cup.