Donald Trump has been extremely vocal about his new 10-year infrastructure plan. This would send inflation up, thus helping the current state of gold, a financial fund manager said yesterday.

Even in his victory speech, President-elect reminded the million of viewers and listeners that he plans to groundbreaking a one trillion dollar spending plan that has already spiked precious metals prices up in the last week.

While there is still speculation on what lies ahead when he officially moves to Washington D.C., the consensus is that fiscal spending will be easily attainable than some of the other reforms he has proposed, said Alex Merk, president and CIO of Merk Investments. That alone will set up the appeal of gold as an inflation hedge.

“Ultimately, what is going to matter is if inflation is going to tick up more than rates are going to pick up–meaning is the Fed going to be behind the curve or not? If the Fed is behind the curve, then gold should do just fine; if however, the Fed is able to get in front of this or if inflation is not going to materialize much but the yield curve remains steep and real rates rise, then yes, the gold selling is over,” he added.

The week leading up to the election, gold prices went up nearly five percent as the presidential results rolled in but have sunk since the dollar has risen.

On Tuesday the price of gold hovered around $1,224 an ounce in Asia as people still are unsure of the future of the world’s economy.

“The uncertain environment will likely keep gold afloat,” said Merk.

“I think the world was not prepared for Mr. Trump to win this,” Gartman told CNBC’s S    Squawk Box. So money is fleeing to safer havens — it’s going to gold, it’s going to the Japanese yen.”

The U.S. dollar fell 0.6% against other forms of currency across the globe last week, while gold prices were up 2.3% in early trading. When Donald Trump unexpectedly won, gold prices spiked again.

Gold is not the only metal that could go up in price. As I mentioned earlier, Trump has spoken on his giant infrastructure plan and it is no surprise he plans to build a lot in our country. The prices of copper and steel will increase if he is able to follow through on this plan. Investing in construction, all types of metals will be used, and the demand of them will soar.

If this persists, gold prices will steadily rise because people will want to have something that keeps its value regardless of political influence.