This week in precious metals

Headlines from June 18 - 22: The case for adding precious metals to your portfolio (Bloomberg) Chris Gaffney, EverBank World Markets president, said people might want to add precious metals to their investment portfolio because of its cyclical nature. Looking back through the year’s ratio between gold and silver, Gaffney predicted that silver has more [...]

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Capitalize on the rising silver prices

Start digging out your silver and gold to sell at your local gold buyer and capitalize on the rising prices in silver and gold that has investors flocking to the precious metals. First things first, know and understand what you are looking for before starting your search. Sterling silver is the only silver worth your [...]

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What is a “bullion”?

A bullion is simply gold (or silver) valued by purity and weight, which differs from other forms of gold, such as jewelry or currency, whose value comes from other factors, including aesthetics. When buying gold bullion, you’re paying only for the market value of the gold plus the minor costs of manufacturing the gold into [...]

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When to sell estate jewelry and items

As we navigate the hard times following the loss of a family member, there comes a point in which estate items need new homes as well. Whether it’s the never-been-used silver tea set, the white gold vanity tray or various pieces of valuable jewelry, Gold Buyers OK is dedicated to understanding your specific situation and [...]

Einstein was right, proven by precious metals

After a century, scientists have finally proven one of Einstein’s theories, thanks to gold and platinum. In November 1915, Einstein presented his general theory of relativity, known as the spacetime continuum, which introduced a new understanding of one of the main forces in nature known as gravity. The European Space Agency (ESA) announced the detection [...]

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