We Buy Diamonds Too!

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Gold Buyer OK is proud to offer diamond purchasing services. Our extensive diamond appraising experience will enable you to get the most money for your precious gemstones.

Interested in finding out what the value of your diamond(s) might be or want to know more about our diamond purchasing appraisal and purchase process? Visit us in store or give us a phone call. Gold Buyer OK has the ability to offer you a highly accurate estimate if your diamond is accompanied by a certificate.

Gold Buyer OK purchases diamonds over 1/4 carat in size. Stop in and visit us in store today. Never is there any cost or obligation when bringing in your diamonds or your gold or silver items. If you are wishing to sell a large amount of either making an appointment with us will always get you the best service.

How Much Do We Pay for Diamonds?

sell diamonds oklahomaYour diamond value will be calculated using the 4 c’s. (carat, color, clarity and cut). Here at Gold Buyer OK you will be involved and right with us during the entire estimate process so that you fully understand the individual characteristics of your diamond. With us you can always be confident that you are receiving the most money for your diamonds and precious metals. Your purchase offer will be presented to you immediately after our appraisal.

Diamond estimating is a complicated process and there are many factors:

  1. Being in the industry for over 30 years we have the experience it takes to get you the most money for your diamond. You can always be assured with us that we will give you the most money. Many buyers make this claim we actually do it!
  2. We do not pay the “appraised” value for your diamond. When you purchase a new piece of jewelry, you will often receive an insurance appraisal for a higher value than what you paid for the actual diamond. You then have to understand that used jewelry sells for less than this initial appraisal value. The same is true with almost any tangible good. Gold Buyer OK will appraise your diamond objectively and provide you with proof of our estimate calculations for your review. Clear, honest and transparent diamond buying is what we offer at Gold Buyer OK. That along with the guaranteed most money for your diamond makes Gold Buyer OK your number one destination when selling your gems!

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